The Origins of

       Mount Zion

    Baptist Church

   Mount Zion_

  85 years of

   service for

     our Lord!

On October 15, 1932, it appeared that there was a real need for a Baptist Church in this locality. The original vision and inspiration for a church was that of Gladys North Bruce. There occurred much prayer and seeking of divine guidance regarding the matter. After much consultation with neighboring brethren and churches, a council was called to consider the matter. The  council voted that there was a need for such a church. The name of the church was Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

Reverend E.P. Caudle was the first pastor of the church, the first deacon was Bro. Henry Hutchens, and Gladys Bruce was voted in as church clerk.

Time was set for its regular worship and business; every 4th Saturday night at 7:30pm for business meeting and every 4th Sunday at 11:00am for worship.

Over the years the church changed its name to Zion Baptist Church and called Reverend Tommie Flynn as its second pastor.

In 1949, the church voted to change its name to Mount Zion Baptist Church, which is the present name of the church, and called Reverend Irvin Wallace as its third pastor.

In 1952, the present church was built and opened for worship; the educational wings were built years later.

In April 1986, Reverend William (Bill) Hale was called as the church’s fourth pastor. Today, Mount Zion is a thriving, independent Baptist Church whose goal is to spread the gospel to Yadkinville and the world.