Mount Zion Missions continued

Yadkin Christian Ministries – Yadkinville, NC

Yadkin Christian Ministries is a cooperative effort of churches, individuals and non-profit agencies unified for the purpose of sharing Christ's love by providing daily necessities to the less fortunate in our community.

Evangelism thru Art - Dwight & Ann Haynes

Dwight Haynes, wife Ann and children bring God’s Holy Word to churches, schools and other facilities using their God-given gifts of chalk art, preaching, singing and drawing God’s good news.

Return America - Dr. Ron Baity

Return America is a network of churches and individuals that educate, motivate and mobilize citizens in a united effort in promoting Judeo-Christian values and to educate and influence government in these principles upon which our state and nation were founded.

Chosen People Ministries - Dr. Daniel Goldberg

Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. The Chosen People Ministries’ Doctrinal Statement affirms their commitment to the essence of historic, evangelical faith and a core theological emphasis when it comes to Jewish evangelism.                                

Kids Alive - Al Lackey

Kids Alive International is an on-going ministry dedicated to rescuing vulnerable children and providing them with safe shelter, food, education, health care and spiritual nurture.                 

Gospel Light Baptist Church, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

The missionaries are Margrito & Nimfa Cabrerra. The Cabrerras work through their church and minister to adults, families and children. The also conduct a prison ministry and teach Bible studies. They received 503 professions of faith in June, July and September 2017.

Global Fundamental Baptist Missions - Tom & Lynn Ashley – Angeles City, Philippines

Through their church, the Ashleys create and minister within Bible clubs and Discipleship classes to youth and adults. They are currently attempting to buy property they have been renting for 30 years.  They presently have over 80 students participating in their studies.         


Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, SC - sending missionaries John & Deborah Caudle – Oshawa, Canada

The Caudles minister to a “melting pot” of Canadians and immigrants to North America. Prayers and support are needed to fight satanic evil on the streets of Toronto where satan worshipers play loud instruments to draw much attention along with their gruesome satanic images.

The Gospel in Chalk with Gerry Bennett 

Through chalk artistry, the Gospel of Christ is shared with Nursing home residents throughout our area.

Least Of These Ministry with David Hutchens

Utilizing carpentry skills, home access ramps, rails, etc. are fabricated for needy elderly and disabled.


Ceder Rock Rehab with Larry & Linda Boles

Ceder Rock Rehab ministers to the needy by collecting, refurbishing and redistributing clothing and household items and appliances.


Good Soil Ministry -  Bill & Gerry Neal 

Locally provided surplus meats and vegetables are collected and redistributed to needy families.

Independent Baptist Mission For Asians - George Gamboa

With a mission field in Pampanga Province, Philippines, the Gospel of Salvation is planted and grown. The vision of IBMA is to use the Philippines as a launch pad to spread the Gospel to other Asian countries.

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) - Paul & Penny Hessman

As missionaries to South Africa, Paul and Penny have been involved in a church planting ministry.  they They co-established the Ekukhanyeni Baptist Church in Clermont and the Crossroads Community of Christ in Montclair.

Penny is involved in mentoring public school teachers in the township and rural schools. Her focus is a Gospel centered program that helps teachers improve their skills in teaching English reading.

Paul taught at the Baptist Bible College of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa from 2002 to 2010. More recently, he taught at the Union Bible Institute from 2012 to 2015.  Currently, he is teaching at the Evangelical Seminary of Southern Africa (ESSA) in Pietermartizburg.


 Walter "Tater Man" Terrell - Rock of Ages Schools

Jewish Mission Board - O.L. Norwood

Missions 300 -   Dr. Walter Yoho          

 Statesville Bible Camp – Rev. D. Wallace - Boone, NC                 

Terry & Wendy Broyles – Brazil      

Barry & Judy Byrnes – Rural Kentucky

Joe & Jenny Mifsud – Malta, Europe                                 

Carmen Heffner – Nicaragua

​Randolph Nagaur – South America          

 David & Karen Peters – Rural Pastor Aid    

Jon & Tammy Quinn – West Africa        

 Rafael & Lydia Ramos – Puerto Rico

Frankie & Sandra Sheridan – North Dakota